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Being a Self Employed Inspector Can Be Lonely

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Home Inspection Career

When it comes down to it, a home inspector is a sole proprietor when working on his or her own.

A home inspection franchise, is it the right choice for you. There is more than one alternative.

Franchise Pros and Cons

There is a franchise opportunity, for just about every business out there, and the home inspection business is no different.

Home Inspector Mentoring

Some occupations do not call for mentoring, but being a home inspector is not one of them.

Home Inspection Business Opportunities

Know the Home Inspection Business Options


There are the right ways and the wrong ways to create a successful home inspection career. Pro-Sight provides guidance for those who want to have an inspection business, and for new up-and-coming inspectors, as well as seasoned inspectors, who need to build their inspection business revenue. Constructing any new business has many roadblocks.

There is a better alternative to a traditional home inspection franchise. Pro-Sight offers – inspection marketing information, a SEO optimized home inspection website, one on one mentoring. online proprietary home inspection software. Plus we provide a customized Understanding Your Home Flip Book, which you provide to your clients. And we can provide both marketing material design, and the materials – such as business cards, brochures, postcards.

To be clear, we are not offering everything that a traditional property inspection franchise does. What we offer is definitely a viable franchise alternative to create your ongoing successful home inspection business. A membership with us might be the best inspection business alternative for you. But you should explore all avenues available before you decide.

Starting Out

Starting out in a new industry is no easy task, and we know that. Home inspection franchise companies can help somewhat with name recognition. However franchise name recognition may or may not that prevalent with buyers or real estate agents, so keep that in mind. There are definite benefits of building your own business name, and on your own terms. Franchises do offer much, but is it enough for all the cost’s and the length of commitment (typically 10 years) – that is for you to decide.

Having an industry professional as a mentor is crucial in assisting you build your business. This is one of the main reasons people purchase a franchise. Having a plan in place can help you take your business to the next level, whether you are just starting, or you want to grow your existing inspection business.

Without the proper knowledge, and mentoring many home inspectors will fail.


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