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Home Inspection Mentoring | Coaching the Benefits

Home inspection mentoring – some occupations do not call for mentoring, but a home inspector is not one of them. Of course, you can do it without a mentor, but it will be much more difficult, and you’ll be much more likely to make mistakes you’d avoid, if you’d had a mentor.

Not to mention all the time wasted, and wasted time equates to loss of income. There is mentoring for business practices, marketing, and home inspection reporting – this is what Pro-Sight Property Inspections Inspector Network offers. And then there is mentoring for technical knowledge. This is where schools come in, and hiring a local inspector to work with as a mentee. Pro-Sight can offer some assistance with technical knowledge, but since construction practices can vary greatly from one region to another, we may not always have an answer for you.


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Technical Inspection Mentoring

As most experienced home inspectors look back on their career, they will tell you that the first 50 or so inspections were really on the job training. Most home inspection companies are one man companies, so you really are on your own. Sometimes learning at the customer’s expense, a mentor can change that. Just because you can swing a hammer, does not mean you have what it takes to be a home inspector.

Many years ago builders did it all –  framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical work, etc. Today builders use subcontractors that specialize in a specific trade, very few are generalists. Home Inspectors are generalists, they need to be knowledgeable in all areas of the home. Inspectors need to know a lot. In most cases there is not enough time in the classroom to teach everything, so mentoring with an experienced inspector mentor is a great opportunity to give a new inspector experience with the many components in a home.

Business and Marketing Mentoring

Many inspectors will fail due to the lack of sound business practices, good financial management, and lack of marketing. Just like any business you need to have capital put aside for marketing, and for the time it takes to obtain new inspections.  Your inspection report, and the language you use to report your inspection findings, can either get you more inspections, or the opposite. Start-up costs for the inspection business are relatively low, however you still have to treat this like any other business. Inspectors will go out of business because they are under capitalized, and waste time, and money on “marketing” that just doesn’t work. A mentor can be a game changer, preventing failure and guiding you to success. Individuals pay tens of thousands to franchises for this mentoring, but there is an alternative Pro-Sight Property inspections.

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