Home Inspection Career The Advantages

Home Inspection Career

When it comes down to it, a home inspector is a sole proprietor when working on his or her own. There is nothing like being able to take a day off whenever you need to, creating your own schedule, and offering a service to individuals that makes a significant difference in their life. If you’ve thought about a home inspection career as a home inspector, but you’re not sure if it’s suited for you, then take a look at the benefits of being a home inspector and starting your own business. You might be surprised by a few of them.

As an Inspector – You’re your own boss.

Of course, everyone knows a sole proprietor is their own boss, but there is so much more to it than being able to take the day off when you want. Being your own boss is part of the dream many of us have heard from our parents, which is why many people move toward an industry where they can achieve this one day; home inspection is one of those industries. Owning a business offers the freedom most inspectors are not able to find in an employer-employee relationship. There is a certain type of freedom in being able to make your schedule for the day and decide to change it when you need to.

If you want to take off Fridays to spend time at your child’s sports game, or you want to work the weekends so you can take Wednesdays off to do grocery shopping on a day when there is hardly anyone there, you can! However, working as a sole proprietor brings a log of responsibility. A home inspection career, as an independent home inspector means that you are responsible for everything, which is a good thing on most days.

Start your inspection business small or big.

Some businesses require a certain amount of capital be invested for staff, equipment, and a professional place to work. This isn’t so with a home inspection business. New and experienced home inspectors will start working from home offices, and some will operate from their very own kitchen table for a little while.

Your new business will require startup cash for tools, software, and marketing. You can grow as quickly or slowly as you want, and before long, depending on your area, you could be doing inspections for your entire county, counties, city, or cities.

Inspections are an imperative service for clients.

A home inspection career is fulfilling on a professional and personal level. There is something about offering a service to people in your community that helps them. Home inspections provide them with the answers to the questions the average buyer or seller might not know how to ask.

The inspection report you prepare and hand to them gives them a snapshot of the home they want to buy or sell. Sometimes, the results are good. Other times, they won’t be. Either way, your clients will come out from the experience with more information to help them make a decision. Knowledge allows them to make the best possible home buying decisions.

If your own inspection business isn’t your cup of tea, then work for a local professional.

Perhaps starting your own business isn’t appealing right now because it carries a lot of responsibility, and maybe you feel you have a lot more to learn. That’s alright, and with a home inspection career, you have the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best inspectors in your area. Plenty of people like to step into the industry under the wings of an established company or professional.

Home inspectors have the freedom to choose how they start out, which is valuable in our current economy. If you want the security of employment, then your home inspection certification and training can be put to use with the protection of an established company.

Learn the inspection industry in your spare time.

Maybe one of the largest stumbling blocks for a new career is finding the time to go to school; however, by the time you get to clock out at your day job, there might be little energy left to go to a classroom. With an online training program, learning occurs during your own time and at whatever speed you choose.

If you’re motivated and have the spare time, then you can complete a course within a few weeks. If slow and steady sounds more like you, then you can take it as slow you as you like. The important thing is you’re in control if your education with a home inspection career.

Some states do require more than online education.

Why do Home Inspectors Fail?

  • Under Capitalized a. New inspectors do not have enough money to properly start the business. Just because this is a home based business does not mean you don’t have start up costs. You will need money for tools, a computer, software, etc. And money to market your business.
  • Under Capitalized b. – Not enough money saved up for the start up period. You will spend the most amount of marketing dollars in your first year, and generally have the least amount of income at the same time.
  • Wrong Mindset Some newbies believe because they have a trades background (like carpenter, electrician, plumber, home remodeler), home inspecting will be a breeze. But once they get out there, they realize they don’t have the people and/or marketing skills required.
  • Under Estimate the Importance of Marketing – Marketing and getting the phone to ring  will determine whether a new inspector or any inspector fails or succeeds as a business owner.
  • Don’t Know How to Properly Market – OK you have accepted the importance of marketing, but do you know how to properly market? Will you waste time and dollars practicing, with little or no results? The more you practice the less inspections you obtain. This is one of the biggest reasons individuals purchase inspection franchises, but they are very expensive.  $25,000 to $50,000 +.

Why Start up Alone?

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