Pro-Sight Property Inspections Inspector Membership $950.00, plus $50.00 a month

For Just a Bit More than the Cost of a Well Constructed Website, Membership comes with…

  • Five Page Dynamic Website – All sites are dynamic.  A dynamic website alters its appearance / layout for all electronic devices – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. We will register the domain name, and once the site is completed and has been paid for in full we will change the registration to your name – which means you own it. Your website will be built, and written / rewritten so it is indexed/found in all the major search engines.Your website will be created in WorldPress. You will be able to login to you website account and easily change any text or images without any programming knowledge. Website alone is a $695.00 Value, no exaggeration. Many companies charge way more.
  • Pro-Sight’s Proprietary Inspection Software – Your own online account for using Pro-Sight’s proprietary inspection software. Includes 250 reports annually. After that, it is just $3.50 per inspection report. This is a 700.00 a year value. 
  • Proven Home Marketing Information – Supplied via email on how to create a successful home inspection business. Years of experience learning proven marketing methods – 1,000’s of dollars of value. 
  • Mentoring – One 45 minute scheduled phone appointment to discuss any questions you have in regards to home inspection marketing. Schedule future phone calls as you need for an additional cost.
  • Review Two Practice Inspection Reports – We will look over your first practice inspection to make sure you are properly reporting. $150.00 Value

*Pro-Sight Membership Payments

1. $300.00 down.
2. $300.00 after your site is registered, and the pages are published, (without the text) and you have approved it. Inspection software account is created for you after this payment.
3. Balance of $350.00 paid once the content (verbiage) is added to your website, and you have approved it. Inspection marketing information is emailed to you after this payment.

*Balance due after the completion of the website, or no later than 3 months after receiving the down payment of $300.00. Which ever comes first. Hosting / membership fee of $50.00 begins at the same time.

Get Started $300.00 Down
You will be emailed a start up form, and a phone appointment will be scheduled.


Additional Options for Members – Pay for what you want / need. 

Marketing Material Design – $295.00 custom design for brochures, business cards, and postcards.

Marketing Material Customized – $125.00 use our templates, and we add your text and graphic needs to it.

Mentoring – one on one scheduled phone calls to help, and guide you to successfully build your inspection company. $75.00 per 20 minutes, or $195.00 per hour.

$75.00 Mentoring for 20 Minutes

$195.00 Mentoring for 1 Hour

Report Analysis – $75.00 We will review the inspection report you submit. First two practice are free.

Real Estate Agent List – email market to agents in your area with your own list. Quote provided for members on request.  

Not ready to proceed without a brief phone conversation? Then please fill out the below form, or just reply to the email that was sent to you. Please only schedule if you are very serious about a home inspection career. Thank You.

Includes information on all the major inspection franchises, including their costs. And inspection schools and training options, including the costs. Plus information about a home inspection career, and on Pro-Sight - the franchise alternative. We do not share, or sell your email with any other person, or business.