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Pro-Sight Property Inspections®, Your Key for Success
The Property Inspection Franchise Alternative

the key for success

We know buying into the large home inspection franchises isn't financially feasible for most new home inspectors. You're busy trying to make ends meet and likely don't have the investment for a big down payment.

Why not build your own business instead? Today, more and more people see the benefit in small business and go out of their way to support small business owners. With the right strategies and tools, you can grow your own business and be successful - on your own terms.

A typical home inspection franchise has fees that run $25,000 to $50,000 - usually out of budget for those new to the industry.

About 85 percent of new businesses fail in the first three years, yet franchises and businesses with a secure support system in place succeed at a rate of about 75 percent! But what are your options, when traditional franchises are so cost-prohibitive?

An Inspector Network Mentorship with Pro-Sight.

A mentor can help you get started on the right foot, or work with you to develop a plan to help you move forward. The first step? Finding your unique selling propositions - what you bring to the table that's different from the next inspector.

Every business needs to have that one thing. The thing that makes them unique and that brings business into the door. Whether that's specialization in a specific type of home, certifications and work experience that make you an expert in a challenging facet of inspections or your ability to work with a certain type of homeowner, you want to spotlight what makes you special. Because it's what will bring the money to the table.

This mentorship program is delivered directly to you on a regular basis, providing you the guidance and support you need to be a more effective business owner and a better home inspector. You'll define what makes you unique and receive strategies and resources that will move you and your business forward.

A mentorship membership offers:

  • Unique selling propositions development

  • Marketing materials design, so you are ready to go out to your audience. (We can supply these materials as well)

  • Home inspection software for a superior inspection report

  • Marketing information, delivered to your inbox

  • Website with prominent website exposure

  • One on one phone conversations


  • Additional one on one phone appointments

  • Email marketing blasts

  • Post card mailings

"But I'll go it alone. I can make it work."

That's what a lot of people say. And while you can go it alone, it's a lot of work. And time. And when you're a one-man business, trying to do inspections while marketing yourself from scratch, something has to give. It's usually the marketing.

"When I decided to start my own home inspection business, I searched the web for both franchise and business opportunities. I found that the franchise method was both costly and a burden on my independence. They have a set structure that does not allow flexibility. [Pro-Sight] has been both professional and helpful. - Ray Kline

It's time to take back your time and build your business. Get access to all the tools and resources you need. Define that unique thing about you and your business that no one else in your area has. And start and grow your business into a living.

The mentorship program is also a great fit for experienced inspectors who want to grow their businesses but are tired of wearing too many hats.

Let us know if you're interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. We'll get you on our "short list" and tell you how to get started.

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